These Forms are required for insurance purposes to ensure that I have recorded/ taken all necessary precautions in keeping my client safe. These forms are kept locked away in A secure location, this information will not be shared with third parties or for marketing purposes. You are entitled to A copy of these forms at any time and will be used to contact you for future appointments.

Patch Test includes:
A small scratch is placed behind the client's ear using A lance, then using A cotton bud A small amount of pigment is then placed onto the scratch.

Using A cotton bud A small amount of Topical Anaesthetic is placed behind the other ear.

If A reaction was to occur it would usually happen within the first 24hrs of this patch test.

However, you could still have an allergic reaction at any time in the future even if A patch test had taken place.

If any itching, redness or swelling occurs please contact the technician to let them know and consult your GP for further advice